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What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a concept that allows a person to effectively raise money for virtually anything legal. Like: get out of debt, pay off your mortgage, take a vacation or it can be used to help fund your favourite charitable endeavour like a church or mosque or a hospital.

Crowdfunding companies have setup millions of campaigns and have raised billions of dollars. But with traditional crowdfunding companies you are all alone and if have a small network of friends you may not be able to raise enough money for your purpose.

Why CoOp CrowdFunding?

At CoOp CrowdFunding we help each other in a cooperative way, we build upon our friendships and use leverage to help each of us raise all the money we need for our individual purposes.

Ask yourself threse Three questions

1.Do you need money to fund any purpose right now?

2.Do you know 3 or more friends who need money for any purpose right now?

3.Do you have €35 to start your very own CoOp CrowdFunding campaign right now?

If you answered yes to all of the above let's go - make your donation, set up your campaign and start getting you funded right now!

How Do I Get Started?

It's super easy and affordable to get started. Just register and setup your campaign for €10 and to participate in a cooperative way give €25 to help fund CoOp Crowdfunding campaigns.

Once you're setup, there are just 3 simple doable steps to receive funds daily.

1. Register €35 (€10 setup/€25 donation)

2. Help 3 friends register

3. Have your friends duplicate steps 1 and 2

That's it!

It's not MLM or network marketing and there's nothing to buy, nothing to sell - it's just friends helping friends!